September 21, 2016

4 Ways to Get Your Groom Involved



Happy Wednesday loves! Weddings are known as “the bride’s day,” but what about the groom? A wedding is a celebration of you both as a couple, after all! So how do you make sure your groom is represented on the Big Day…and get him involved with some of the planning action? Keep reading…


Weigh in on some decisions. Getting his opinion is an excellent way to help you when you’re stuck on which napkin color to order, and it helps him feel like he’s a part of the nuptials, too. If he doesn’t want to be looped in on every minor decision narrow down your choices before bringing you hubby-to-be in for the final weigh in.


Choose the menu. Does he have a favorite protein or side dish? Invite him into conversations with your caterer to ensure he’s represented in the menu choices. After all, they say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Besides, you will have so much fun at tastings together.


Select a signature drink. Work with your fiancé to create a cocktail that suits both of your taste buds. Ask your bartender to help you mix and match your favorite liquors and mixers until you blend the perfect drink or two.


Register Together. Whether you’re going with a traditional registry or a honeymoon fund, get your groom involved. Keep in mind that he will be using the towels or enjoying the couple’s spa treatment, too!


In general, ask his opinion and be truly open to using his ideas. Be sure to involve him in some way with the planning process. The memories of you planning together will last a lifetime, and you’re going to appreciate all the help you can get!





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