November 30, 2016

7 Tips to Plan the Best Holiday Wedding

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Hi loves,

The holidays are here. The wreaths are going up, and the sales have begun. If this is no ordinary season for you and you’re planning your Thanksgiving wedding, Christmas wedding, or New Year’s Eve wedding, keep reading this post is for you.

Here are some of my best tips for scheduling a wedding around a holiday to avoid additional costs, extra guilt, and add in extra fun.

Give your guest plenty of time to plan. Send your save-the-date as soon as possible to give guests time to make travel arrangements in this busier and more expensive travel season. You will also want to give early notice before guests book their vacations and time off from work.

Prepare to lose a few invitees. Some are likely to decline your invite than your traditional summer wedding. Prior commitments, family obligations, and company events, are hard to cancel. Giving ample time to plan and not being too sensitive to declines should soften the blow.

Anticipate more plus-ones. How do you break the news to your friends that they cannot bring a guest?
Visitors will probably want to spend their holiday time with family, kids, and partners so expect an increase in demands for a plus-one. No matter what you decide, be sure to have your answer ready to avoid the drama.

Dare to go festive with your decor and take advantage of the holiday spirit. Whether it’s peace on earth for the winter holidays or glitz and glam for New Year’s Eve–go for it. Think cranberry signature cocktails for Christmas, and party blowers to bring in the new year. You don’t have to go overboard with a theme, but a few touches can make all the difference for holiday-lovers.


Incorporate seasonal foliage and food. Anytime you can go seasonal for food and flowers you will save some cash. You can choose some festive, seasonal options and nobody will be the wiser that you did it for budget reasons.

Allow for higher costs from vendors. Holiday weddings can often equate to higher cost time for providers. Vendors, especially venue pay staff more to work on typical holidays. You can either allow for it in your budget or consider cost-saving options like morning/brunch weddings or cheaper days like Fridays or Sundays.

Plan for a late wedding on New Year’s Eve. If everything wraps up by 10 pm, guests may be tempted to leave for another party. You can avoid this dilemma by planning all the activities of your night leading up to the countdown to midnight. Carefully plan out your dances, speeches, and dinner courses so that guests are engaged the whole time.

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